Never Settle.

Never Settle

How Curiosity Did Not Kill The Cat

TEDxHultLondon connects you with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and creators that share their inspiring insights across various industries.

This year, we decided to highlight inquisitiveness, by reversing the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'. Our incitement to 'Never Settle' encourages continuous development, getting out of your comfort zone, being kind to yourself, and not settling for less. Never let your curiosity settle. On March 20th 2022, we will celebrate curiosity. So what are you waiting for? Join us at TEDxHultLondon.

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Never Settle
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Why attend TEDxHultLondon?


At TEDx, people converge to share a variety of ideas, expand their knowledge across different fields, and get inspired by others' stories.

Connect with Industry Leaders

Each year we bring top industry experts to a single event, where attendees can learn from their experiences, engage with them directly and grow their network.

Gain a new perspective on relevant topics

No matter the field, TEDx is a hub where the best ideas go viral, the world's biggest problems are tackled, and innovative approaches are shared.

Our Event Speakers

Great Benefits of TEDxHultLondon

Exceptional Content

Whether it is at our main TEDx event, or any of the workshop events, the content you'll receive is unparalleled.

Intimate Workshops

Our workshops offer an exclusive space for in-depth exploration of specific fields with industry professionals.

Expert Speakers

Our speakers are leaders in their field, keen on sharing their ideas and engaging with our attendees.

1-on-1 Discussions

Attendees have the chance to engage directly with our speakers during breaks and our networking event.

Networking & Community

Regardless of background and experience, you will meet like-minded individuals who will become a valuable part of your network.

Live Q&A

We provide an opportunity to take the conversation beyond the talk, where you can ask speakers your burning questions.

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What Our Attendees Say

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Top speakers and a perfectly organised events with activities and snacks. Even the goodie back actually had valuable stuff inside!

2020 Edition

Great speakers, content and overall organisation. The organising team were brilliant at creating good flow and the MC was phenomenal.

2020 Edition

It was an unforgettable experience! Great speakers and great organization of the entire event!

2020 Edition

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