TedxHultLondon 2019

The topic we have selected is inclusivity as we see it is vital within our present and future communities. With the wide spread of actions across the globe, It is essential to make all individuals feel included rather than marginalised. We question the idea of individualism and explore the idea of inclusivity among the realm of mental incapacity, to racial and sexual minorities.

Event Talks

What happens when emotional thermometers are down? How has the dehumanization of the workplace affected our day-to-day interactions? The power of moments of disclosure and how these take place around us.

Diversity is a reality we see in all aspects of our lives. You see it in education, employment, society, politics, etc. while all aspects are getting impacted. But the question today is while diversity is a reality are we inclusive? What direction should inclusion look like, a melting pot or a mosaic?
Grief is one of the most misunderstood emotions, the black sheep of emotions. Gina Van Hoof takes us through her journey through grief recovery. A talk showing how she changed her life by deciding that "Yes, I can".
People are so caught up in their daily routines, that they tend to easily forget the importance of their own mental health. Happiness is subjective to each individual, but when we find ourselves in a difficult position, we are so disconnected from our emotions that you can feel lost.

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Empathy allows us to assimilate the mental and emotional states of those around us, but it is extremely hard to go beyond that, to understand the force of a single person. How does this individual basis of empathy actually produce practical consequences? How does storytelling help foster empathy?
How is your voice shaped by your environment? The telling of a Hult student on how the environments she grew up in helped her find her voice and will to be heard. BBA Major in entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School.
A politically incorrect overview of the debate around gender balance and its relevance to companies, profits and performance. It surfs through the benefits of balance, the obstacles to achieving it, and the role of leaders and corporate cultures in making it happen - or not.
The renowned playwright John Watts describes the process of transforming the tragical story of Matthew Shepard into an acclaimed play which commemorates the true essence of Matt. John has played leading roles in the West End and wrote a West End show for Honour Blackman.