Michelle Li

The Carbon Literacy Revolution

The goal of clever carbon is simple: to make carbon literacy hip, run and relatable. Michelle Li is ready to start a #revolution. She launched clever carbon in 2020. The goal? To make #carbonliteracy hip, fun and relatable. She was frustrated that #climatechange solutions were mostly reserved for the select few elite entities, including governments, multi-billion dollar conglomerates and prestigious scientists. Well, not anymore. Clever carbon is set to make a difference. It allows everyday consumers to make informed decisions and hold businesses accountable for their carbon footprint. Michelle has worked at some top companies including Salesforce, DocuSign and Jawbone. She has experience in web project management, software and sales solutions and is using her skills to fight the most important crisis of our generation - climate change. Tune in to hear Michelle speak about why clever carbon and carbon literacy can start a revolution.

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