Ranu Sharma

Breaking the Finance Professional Stereotype

Ranu Sharma is an Ambassador for the young London based charity, ‘Working Options’ and an active mentor at ‘The Girls’ Network.’ Her passion to help young people has grown over the years and meant she produced and released her own Podcast series, ‘Getting Through Adolescence’ (live on spotify) in July 2020, which with the help of some great guest speakers, aims to help navigate youngsters through typical issues such as social media influences, drink/drugs, peer pressure and so much more. Ranu Sharma sits on the Women Leadership Network and is a mentor across a handful of employees and recently had the pleasure of sharing recognition alongside her CEO and Executive Vice Chairman, as one of the top 100 global women role models, in partner with Yahoo Finances’ HERoes list for 2020. Earlier this year, she spoke at the London annual ‘CFO agenda’ conference, landing second place as ‘Woman of The Year in Finance’ and has since furthered her speaking engagements at other major events such as ‘ The 8th Annual Women Leadership Summit in November 2020. Coming from an ethnic background, being a young mother and holding down a senior role in a male dominated industry, she is a real advocate of Diversity and Inclusion and a rising star in the industry.

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